Where are we with climate assemblies? Where next for KNOCA?

Leite hier die Infos von KNOCA December 2022 weiter.

We are at an interesting point in the life and times of climate assemblies. With the completion of the Austrian, Luxembourgish and Spanish assemblies, we might reasonably say that we are at the end of the first generation or wave (to use the OECD’s metaphor) of national climate assemblies that began with the French Convention and Climate Assembly UK (or perhaps the Irish Citizens Assembly 2016-18).

Depending on what you categorise as a climate assembly (we could go on for hours on that one!), we have now witnessed as many as 10 national-level climate assemblies that have been tasked with a comprehensive engagement with climate policy – typically how to reach net zero or similar, and on occasion, consideration of adaptation as well. This is a big task for any assembly. weiterlesen.

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